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F3 is a South Indian film line production house based in Bangalore. MANOHAR KAAMPALLI founded the company in 2019. After its inception the production house mainly focuses on full-length feature films. Television shows, documentaries, web series and corporate videos & ad productions.

At F3 Productions, we cultivate an environment of mutual admiration and integrity. Each member of this family is inspire to innovate, and supported to convey work to the best of their potential.

We are a noble team of professionals dedicated to innovate developments that facilitates incessant learning and raises the quality of both individual & organizational outcome.

As producers, we are committed to our audiences first and foremost.

In an era of information overload, developing content that is original, meaningful and impacting lives is critical to our company’s mission. In short, we value your choice, and your time.

As producers, we are committed to that talent we showcase. From the artists, to the lead technicians, to the back office that makes a project come of full circle – every one counts. Piecing together a cohesive, competent team that conjures celluloid vision to reality is our company’s strength. As producers, we are committed to our four point value proposition.

Visualize. Inspire. Engage. Entertain.

Manohar Kaampalli

Is an Indian filmmaker and principal director and founder of F3 productions. Completely consumed by craft, he is a keen observer of people and their quirks. He appreciates beauty in little things, which makes him a master at bringing alive nuances in the characters he creates. Coupled with his sense of art and music he nurtures scripts into memorable stories. For someone who believes in talk less and do more, he speaks eloquently through his films. Unrestricted by genre, he explores new territories and worked under Ram Gopal Varma and also many of other Telugu and Kannada film directors for many films.

Filmmaking was in his blood;He is one of the brightest talents in the Indian film industry today and has spent close to a decade in movie industry.

Parvathi S

Throughout her career, she has worked on behalf of clients with a focus on international growth, and strategic consulting.

As line producer and key Partner who also known as a main pillar at F3, Parvathi oversees the investors portfolio. This means taking on some of the most exciting challenges in today’s communication world—whether it’s figuring out how to best transform how to service client's investments, or trying out new way to engage consumers via new Films & web contents.

She is an excellent negotiator having keen business sense, and an intimate knowledge of all aspects of film production, financing, marketing and distribution.

Parvathi is passionate about women’s professional issues and enjoys spending time with her family, literature, art, and hiking.

What we do?

Producing / Line Producing

Producing/Co-producing - It doesn't matter if you're planning a feature film, a documentary, a short film or a web-series; if we like the concept, Changing Film can help with all aspect of the production. Everything from pre-production to post-production, we are glad to share our experience, knowledge, and contacts. We work with all budgets and match the production to the scale of the budget.

Production Management

Our production manager and our coordinators serves under our Producer, and coordinates the various groups and personnel that need to come together in film making to a movie and video production to make a television show. It is a supervisory position to the Production assistant staff and our team has coordinated high budget Narratives to Intense fast commercials and broadcast live episodes for official Snap chat channels. Our amazing Production Managers handles everything from: Planning and organizing production schedules, assessing project and resource requirements. Estimating, negotiating and agreeing budgets and timescales with clients and managers.


By being able to read your script from a performers point of view, you will get an intimate breakdown of your script, along with suggestions regarding both story and the characters. If you don't want to write your campaign or episode yourself, we can help with that.

Edit Consulting

Rough cut to Picture lock - No piece of art is ever finished, it's only abandoned. We can help with consulting throughout the editing process, where to trim away, and what's needed to drive the story forward. We also offer consulting on color grading, sound mix and ADR.

Post Production

Color grading, sound mixing and packaging for distribution companies and festival. We got you! We take the enormous work load in our hands and will make all deliverables to your distribution company or help you obtain distribution if you haven't already. We oversee all packaging of the film, the website, social media, rotten tomatoes, meta critics the IMDb and all other elements.


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